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We came to Rory with an idea but had no idea if it was achievable within this platform and if it was how much bespoke coding will be required. Once we sat down and hashed out a plan I realised he was the correct person to take on the challenge. Always approachable and there to answer any question day or night. Alway communicating with us and happy (or hid it well) for us to change things mid build. We still have lots of development needed in the site as we continue the journey, and Rory will be joining us along the way.

Would highly recommend him to anyone that wants a professional site that will work with your business and not against it.

Thanks again mate and more changes are coming your way :-)

Alex Gooding


Rory from Smoogles Design

We create state of the art websites that reflect your brand and where you want to be next

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Redesign and Velo coding implementation of Google Maps and user updates. A store was also added at a later stage. The main purpose of the site is to create a user generated database of wild swimming locations worldwide.

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