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If you need a website that is more bespoke and individual rather than use a template design this is the package for you. 



Redesign an existing live site or start from scratch



Fast turnarounds in as little as 48 hours!



Get in touch for a quote.

content manager

Filtering, sorting and searching databases using WIX content manager.   Need a custom front end to your blog?  Also very suited to property listings, recruitment listings, etc.

large ecommerce

For those that need bespoke functionality and larger volume eCommerce.


Most bespoke solutions can be solved in WIX using Velo coding (WIX's coding system based on JavaScript)

Velo by Wix


Do you want a custom look to your store.  Using WIX Velo coding we can use the WIX stores API and develop a bespoke frontend to your store.  Need some custom functionality.  Get in touch and we will be able to find out if its possible.


If you're looking for a responsive design on all screen sizes then Wix Studio is the platform to work on.  Get in touch for a quote.

3Buoys website by Smoogles Design





Book Your Free Discovery Call To Receive a Quote

Custom Wix Website

With a bespoke design, you will have a website that is incredibly fresh and on trend. We can ensure an intuitive user experience and an on-brand user interface, specifically designed for your target audience.

Alpine Decking Wix redesign by Smoogles Design

Discovery Call

You start this process with an in-depth discovery call with Rory. He will aim to learn as much as possible about your business and what you need from your website. From this insight, he will put together a framework for the design and function of the website, to be reviewed together via video call. The website is then built and delivered to you for feedback and revisions, to make sure you are completely satisfied. 

Edinburgh Chess Academy redesign by Smoogles Design
Kostya Goncharuk website by Smoogles Design

Wix Studio or Classic?

The design of your website will be fully bespoke. This means we will design and build a template for you from scratch or from a partial design, so that your website will be 100% unique to your business. A bespoke redesign is tailor-made and crafted for your company from the ground up, with your specific business objectives, features and functions in mind. You will have control over the design and general feel of your website. Every aspect will be customisable to represent your business and brand fully. 

Sensor Driven redesign by Smoogles Design
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