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Your very own site, for your very own self

Your website is where people will learn about you, contact you, and decide whether or not to buy from you - so it needs to be more breathtaking than Keanu Reeves on his best day (and that’s pretty freaking breathtaking). 

Our custom sites are built with Wix Studio or Wix Classic, to best suit the needs of your site and business (and budget!). 


Every site we build is 100% unique, so you can guarantee you’re getting the best possible reflection of your brand and business (and not one that will be confused for something else…we’re looking at you, dastardly web designers).

Introducing Wix

Haven’t heard of Wix? It has more than 200 million users in 190 countries, and powers huge amounts of the web. It’s mightier than a Power Ranger and looks even better in Spandex, too.

You’ll love Wix because it’s built for people just like you, and doesn’t demand coding skills or intimate knowledge of web development in order to make amazing websites that stand out from the crowd. 

The best part? Once the site’s built you can easily update it yourself - bye bye, expensive uptime and maintenance contracts; hello, speed and simplicity.

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Discovery Call

In our discovery call you’ll have the chance to get your ideas for your new site (or improvements for your existing Wix site) down on good ol’ virtual paper. 

3Buoys website by Smoogles Design





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