Why WIX?

The flexibility of the WIX platform welcomes web creators on different budgets and requirements to create and manage their own websites. It also allows web designers like Smoogles Design to become experts and assist WIX users to enhance their website allowing easy collabartion on the platform.

How much does it cost?

We work with clients on their websites in different ways.

  • Your website needs updates
  • Your website needs a redeisgn
  • Your website needs new features
  • You need a website from scratch
  • You need training on the WIX platform
Our hourly rate covers updates, redesigns and website builds are mainly done on project rates and WIX training or updates over zoom.

How long does it take?

Redesigns and Website builds usually take between 1 & 2 weeks from start once they are scheduled in and you have sent all the necessary content over for the project.

Can I maintain my own site post launch?

Absolutely, our website packages include 1 hour of WIX training over zoom which will cover how to efficiently keep your website updated and also includes how to edit the mobile site.

What do you need from me

We require all images in high quality sized png or jpeg, logos in png format and website page content in word or google doc ideally.

Why Smoogles?

We are very passionate here about taking full advantage of what the WIX platform can offer so clients can make the most of all the features that are available and also providing advice if needed on how to increase exposure online.

How to say Smoogles?


What platform do you use?

We work primarily on the WIX platform.

Can I hire you for updates?

Absolutely, also after a WIX training session you should be capable of most edits on your website yourself but also available if you needed to book me.

What is the payment schedule?

For all projects below £1,000, payment is 100% upfront before commencement. Projects over this require 75% upfront and 25% on completition.

Smoogles Design are WIX Partners in the UK with over 80 projects on the WIX Marketplace.  We work exclusively on the Wix platform to build websites that you can continue to update easily.

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