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POWER HOUR - It’s more live than live TV!

In the old days, we all thought making websites was a kind of magic, and developers were sorcerers.

You told the developer what you wanted, and off they went to cast their spells in secret. They’d return a few weeks later with your new site - which may or may not be what you’d asked for - and then they’d disappear again. When things broke, you had to get out the rotary phone and pray they’d pick up.

At Smoogles, we don’t believe in doing things the old way - which is why we came up with the POWER HOUR.

The POWER HOUR puts your website’s design in your hands (well, on your screen)

This one-to-one session with Smoogles founder Rory Buckley puts collaboration right at the forefront of your web development experience.

If you’ve already had a go at developing your own Wix website but need a little help, or you’ve been saddled like a sad old horse with a site that you’re just not keen on, the POWER HOUR is your opportunity to turn things around.

With a POWER HOUR you can:

  • Resolve any tricky teething problems

  • Overhaul your existing site alongside a professional

  • Tackle any updates or upgrades

  • Offer your feedback in real-time


All you need to bring to your POWER HOUR is your favourite beverage and a clear vision of what you want to achieve.


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