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Let's Get the Ball Rolling

Updated: Mar 13

In 2010, after a few years stint as a graphic designer at some London investment banks, the idea of returning to university was the obvious next step at the time. I enrolled in the Sound Art and Design course at LCC to pursue my interest in music production and sound design.

For our final year project, the task was clear: conceive something sound-related, but I also wanted to create something sculptural but also produced sound reminiscing music. My obsession with marble runs (or as I then learned to call them Rolling Ball Sculptures) took off and I started researching all manner of sculptural objects.

With plenty of charity shop and online store visits, I had amassed an eclectic mix of materials that included melted vinyl records, a Technics turntable for power and a mini Slinky for the Archimedes screw. My sculpture was exhibited at venues like the Royal Festival Hall in London for the Ether Festival and the Phaeno gallery in Germany. Reflecting on this sculpture, I see parallels with my work in website design—a blend of raw materials, each bit of content like these unassuming objects that can be used to create something that in the end take on lives of their own.

You can find more on my artistic work here: Expect yoga balls & experimental music.


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