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Adding Google reviews to your WIX website using the Elfsight app

Updated: Apr 22

Client testimonials and reviews are very useful in demonstrating to your customers what feedback you have received on previous projects or services you provide. There are various ways to display them on your website such as:

  • Manually adding them to a paragraph, slideshow, table or repeater

  • Using embedded code to display reviews

  • Using a content manager to store the reviews and dynamically display them on a repeater

  • Using an app connected to your google or facebook account

In this post I'll discuss my preferred option for automatically displaying google reviews on your Wix website. I use an app by Elfsight that connects your google account and pulls the reviews from there allowing you to copy code and embed them in your Wix website.


Examples of the Google review app in use. On i've installed it using a floating widget to give a summary of my Google rating. Further down the page is another widget which displays in full width (with some code tweaks) showing the reviews. The design of the text used can be modified using css code also. Similar use of the app is used on which you can see below.


Click below to create your own Elfsight Google review widget


Elfsight Google Widget Install Tutorial

The video below briefly explains how to install it.


Further customisation of the app or assistance installing

If you need assistance installing the app or customising it with css code get in touch with Smoogles or Book one of our services.



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