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We are WIX Partners

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We are Wix Partners

Like the badge says, we're official Wix partners. That means we're 100% certified to make magic using nothing but Wix and a whole lot of creativity (okay, and a whole lot of coffee, too).

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Say hello to life with Wix

Simple, beautiful websites that aren’t afraid to be fun

Remember when websites did more than just sell stuff?

They were fun, exciting, and made users want to stick around.

These days, can you think of anything more boring than a business website? 

Heck, can you remember what the last business site you were on even looked like?

Well, at Smoogles we’re on a mission to make websites fun again. 


Because you deserve it.


You deserve a website you can show off, a website that will make you sales (imagine that!), and a website that shows the world the very best of your brand.

We cut the fat, junk, fluff, and buzzwords out of creating great websites - and we do it all with Wix. 


POWER HOUR with Smoogles Design


The POWER HOUR puts your website’s design in your hands (well, on your screen)

Bespoke WIX Website design by Smoogles Design

Custom WIX Website

Your very own site, for your very own self

Alpine Decking Logo
Headlines Charity Logo
Marco Alimentari Ltd Logo
Matchbox Salon Bath Logo
Marco Alimentari Ltd
Openwater Logo
Rory from Smoogles Design

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you need

But that’s why we’re here to help. 

Lets Talk!

Introducing Wix

Haven’t heard of Wix? It has more than 200 million users in 190 countries, and powers huge amounts of the web. It’s mightier than a Power Ranger and looks even better in Spandex, too.

You’ll love Wix because it’s built for people just like you, and doesn’t demand coding skills or intimate knowledge of web development in order to make amazing websites that stand out from the crowd. 

The best part? Once the site’s built you can easily update it yourself - bye bye, expensive uptime and maintenance contracts; hello, speed and simplicity.

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