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We can travel to your place of work and collaborate on your website together.  This is perfect for Sole Traders who have a good idea of their aesthetics and need it implemented quickly by a Wix expert.

Perfect for Sole Traders! Professional and affordable! - From the first point of contact I loved that there was a free 15 min discovery call. I’ve been approached by a lot of website designers and have been put off by the sheer cost of their services, with no price point options! I’m a small fish just getting started and would love to have the budget for a full redesign, but don’t!  -  When Rory explained I had options of doing a “power hour” with him and what his day rate was, I was instantly intrigued and finally felt like I could afford the profession input I’ve been wanting for so long! - Being a creative I already had some idea of how I wanted my website to look, I just needed someone with the WIX knowledge and speedy knowhow to make it “do the thing” !!! -  Rory managed to create the exact menu “page” I’ve been trying to achieve for well… YEARS! In like 5 mins! He had some great creative ideas which I loved, but also listened to my design brief and was really patient and skilled to help me achieve the “look” I was going for -  Rory was so chilled and approachable, I felt that if there were bits I wanted to try differently, I could bring it up! He wasn’t overbearing with the design and totally understood my thinking and process. I’d highly recommend Rory for sole traders like myself who want the professional help without the £1500+ investment upfront. Rory has options for every budget! He even got my SEO’s sorted. I can’t believe how much we got achieved in one day! - Thanks so much Rory!


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