Content Manager
Filtering, sorting and searching databases using WIX content manager.   Need a custom front end to your blog?  Also very suited to property listings, recruitment listings, etc.

Do you want a custom look to your store.  Using WIX Velo coding we can use the WIX stores API and develop a bespoke frontend to your store.  Need some custom functionality.  Get in touch and we will be able to find out if its possible.

Pro WIX Website £2,900
For those that need bespoke functionality and larger volume eCommerce.  Most bespoke solutions can be solved in WIX using Velo coding (WIX's coding system based on JavaScript)

Approximately two weeks turnaround depending on commencement.

Smoogles Design are WIX Partners in the UK with over 80 projects on the WIX Marketplace.  We work exclusively on the Wix platform to build websites that you can continue to update easily.

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