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POWER HOUR Terms & Conditions

  • POWER HOUR sessions which are bookable on the website are non refundable 24hrs before the session

  • All work carried out in the editor is a collaboration between Smoogles and the client.  Smoogles Design will not be held responsible for any errors caused by what is carried out in the sessions

  • The sessions will be recorded and the client is asked permission before doing so, a recording of the screenshare can be sent to the client if they need within 48hrs after the session

  • All content added in the sessions will be copyright approved by the client to use on the website

  • Sessions can be moved to another date if the client or Smoogles can't make it, 24hrs notice to be given by both sides to approve this

  • ​We have an SOS version of the POWER SERVICE bookable within 2 hours for an additional rush fee of £200 (Total of £300).  Get in touch to find out more.

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